Automatic Snacks

FEBO Automatiek

The Dutch have taken fast food to a higher level. You may have bought a soda or a candy bar from a vending machine before, but here in Holland you can buy a hamburger, French fries, a hot dog, a cheese soufflé, a fried croquette, and sometimes even Asian food… all hot and ready to eat!

You can find these self-service machines in every town and often in train stations. You put a coin in the slot (you need exact change, it usually costs €1-2) and it releases the door so you can open the compartment and serve yourself.

Mmmm tasty...

If you are disturbed or grossed out when reading this, I should explain that it is not so much a vending machine, but rather a vending wall, i.e. a self-service section of a fast food restaurant. There is a real person there making the burgers and placing them in the compartments, so it’s not as if the food has been sitting there for days. In fact, the turnover seems to be quite high as you always see people standing around the walls and eating their snacks.

I had a burger and it was pretty okay. Then again, I was pretty drunk. Come to think of it, the Dutch automatic snacks are basically equivalent to a London kebab… you’ll never know how it really tastes, because you’ll never eat it when sober.


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