Windmill in Utrecht

Another quintessentially and stereotypical Dutch thing is the windmill. Since the 13th century, thousands of them have been built, although today only 1,000 or so remain.  They were built to mill wheat, corn, flour, barley, and oats; to pump excess water out of the polders (the low lands reclaimed from the sea); and to saw wood.



Wind Turbine


Windmills are pretty run of the mill (pun intended).  That is to say, they are ubiquitous – I’ve seen already dozens since arriving here. When walking around town in Utrecht, I randomly discovered a windmill tucked in a residential area not far from downtown.

And when taking the train or driving between cities, you regularly see the the more modern wind turbines which generate environmentally friendly electricity.


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I first left the US in 1999, when I was 18 years old. Since then, I’ve spent 13 years living abroad - 3 in Canada, 7 in Europe, and 3 in Africa. Now I've finally returned to the US on a one-way plane ticket. I arrived home in late January 2014 and set foot in the US for the first time in nearly 2.5 years. In Home Strange Home, I blog about the ups and downs of my re-acculturation experience.
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