FEBO: the tastiest!

How do I even begin to explain the Dutch word lekker?  If you come to Holland, it will probably be one of the first words you learn or hear. It’s such an awesome word, I think we should adopt it into the English language. I fully intend to keep on using it even if I’m not living in The Netherlands anymore, to spread its usage throughout the world.

In it’s original sense, lekker is used to describe food and means tasty, delicious, or yummy. If you are eating something and you like it, you can say “Lekker!” Many foods or food places advertise themselves using the word, for example food stalls might say lekker verse or lekker fris (nice and fresh) and the FEBO fast-food chain bills itself as being de lekkerste (the tastiest).

But slang use of the word has expanded to cover almost anything that is nice, so a girl can be lekker if she is sexy or hot; a good song can be lekker; the weather on a nice day is lekker; if a football player scores a goal you can shout “Lekkere goal!“; if somebody accomplishes something you can say “Lekkere hoor!“; if a friend asks you if you want to go for a beer, you can reply “Ja, lekker!“; and you can tell someone “Slaap lekker!” meaning sleep well.

So it is a pretty multi-purpose word, good for expressing all sorts of things. And what do I think about it? Lekker!


About Home Strange Home

I first left the US in 1999, when I was 18 years old. Since then, I’ve spent 13 years living abroad - 3 in Canada, 7 in Europe, and 3 in Africa. Now I've finally returned to the US on a one-way plane ticket. I arrived home in late January 2014 and set foot in the US for the first time in nearly 2.5 years. In Home Strange Home, I blog about the ups and downs of my re-acculturation experience.
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