Appel Bollen

A ball of apple-y joy.

A ball of apple-y joy.

I’ve already established how thoroughly awesome Dutch pastries are. Well, I’ve just discovered a new one that is worth raving about – the appel bol or “apple ball.” The name sounds a bit weird, but bear with me.

Think baked apple meets pastry: a cored and peeled apple is filled with sugar, cinnamon, raisins, and maybe almond paste, wrapped in a layer of sticky dough, and then baked until the  dough is cooked, leaving you with a deliciously crispy pastry on the outside and a hot, moist baked apple on the inside. Lekker!

I ate mine served with coffee at the Dutch restaurant I blogged about earlier. However, Wikipedia says that appel bollen are Belgian, not Dutch. Does anyone know where the originate from?


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2 Responses to Appel Bollen

  1. Ed Avis says:

    I’m sure I’ve had them in England – baked apple dumplings. Though my mum would use enormous cooking apples and put hardly any sugar, so it was a bit sour.

    You should know that asking which country invented a particular dish is a futile quest. It’s not as if most people can draw the border between BE and NL on a map anyway.

  2. Jennifer Kepler says:

    I have had them both in the Netherlands and Belgium,. I live in Belgium now, and they are very present here, in fact the Monday after 3 koningen (Jan 6) is called lost monday and then (at least in the province of Antwerp) you always eat either Appel Bollen or Worsten Brood (or if you are my husband, both!).

    I just checked with my French speaking Belgian colleagues- they don’t have this verloren maandag tradition- so perhaps a Flemish/ Dutch thing ….

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